Volunteer as an Advocate

Advocates are the heart of CHAP. As an Advocate, you serve as a friend to a participant. “Participant” is the term we use to refer to CHAP’s guests. You will spend about an hour per week helping your Participant define goals, prepare to work to again, or chat about life. Participants want someone to listen. Being an Advocate allows you to change a Participant’s life by taking the time to get know who they are.

Typical Advocate activities:

  • Share stories and spend time together

  • Meet weekly to discuss goals

  • Help your Participant find meaningful community and work-related activities

  • Drive your Participant to appointments

As an Advocate, you will come to know that CHAP’s guests are people just like you. It’s your friendship that will make all the difference.

One gentleman I advocated for - when he was finally able to get supported housing where he could live independently and had a good community backing, that was an incredibly satisfying experience. After all the ups and downs and helping him navigate the system, it was a wonderful thing to see.
— Bruce Dane, Volunteer Coordinator (former Advocate)

If you are interested In becoming an advocate, let us know!

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