Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program

Karl Hilgert, Founder

Karl Hilgert, Founder

“The first thing we wanted to do was to change the language of the members in the program. We call the homeless people at CHAP “participants” because we want them to feel that they are fully participating in this program as our equals. “Advocates” are volunteers who support the participants and help them get back on their feet. “Hosts” are volunteers who keep CHAP open and make it feel like a home.”

we Listened to what participants asked for.

“A key component at the beginning of CHAP was asking homeless participants what their primary needs were, and they all expressed a desire to have someone help them navigate basic legal and social programs. Many of them didn’t have identification, couldn’t access assistance from social programs, and did not have any papers. Advocates stepped in to help guide participants through these processes.

Since then, CHAP has worked to help our homeless neighbors find their way home by helping them secure sustainable, independent housing.”


History of CHAP