We believe that providing participants with a combination of friendly mentorship and a safe place to sleep is the most powerful way to help them get back to work. We have seen that by serving as a friend, any volunteer can immediately change a homeless person’s life.

OUR ACtions

We pair volunteers with individual participants to build one-on-one mentorship relationships. Other volunteers run our overnight accommodation and ensure that it stays open 365 nights a year!


Within our five year history, we have helped 15 individuals reach gainful employment and sustainable housing. But our work at CHAP is just beginning. There are still many homeless residents in Claremont who need our help.

I’m involved in CHAP because I feel like the homeless problem is a really serious problem, and as a resident of the city of Claremont it’s important for me to do what I can do to solve this problem.
— Chris Caenepeel, Volunteer